Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A calcium-rich couplet

Most of us have seen the little sentimental sayings written on the inside of Dove chocolate foil wrappers. To me they are syrupy at best and insipid at worst (I know I should try to be more sensitive and less cynical!). So yesterday I read one and a line came to me to make it into a couplet. You will have to indulge me but I made myself laugh with this one. Here is the Dove line: "Laugh until your heart overflows." to which I add: "...Or until the milk comes out your nose!" Maybe I read too much Dave Barry.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"...in Camelot"

There is a line from the title song of the wonderful Broadway show. "Camelot" that says, "The rain may never fall till after sundown..." And so it was last Saturday, February 7th for our daughter Wendy's wedding here in Tucson. The ceremony and reception were held in the backyard of our dear friends Tracey and Susan Collett. A winter storm complete with cold temperatures, wind and rain was predicted for Saturday afternoon/evening. But still we dutifully set up tables, tablecloths, chairs, centerpieces and everything and the day turned out to be beautiful and almost balmy. The short ceremony conducted by our bishop Blake Isaacson was sweet and touching. The food arrived on time and was plentiful. Lots of friends and family were there including all five of our children. The payoff was that Wendy commented to her mom that everything was "just perfect" several times during and after the event. That made all the work from hauling and setting up chairs and tables, setting them, mixing lemon and limeade, washing dishes and more worthwhile. Wendy seemed very happy as did Chad, her new husband. They are honeymooning in Tulum, Mexico and will head back home soon to start their life together in Seattle. A royal wedding indeed, worthy of Camelot!