Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Homecoming!

On Thursday, January 10th, Pat, Rachel, Wendy and I took a half-day off school (not Wendy; she took a half-day off from sleeping in... she was on vacation!) to go to Tucson International Airport and pick up our son Scott. He returned from Oklahoma after serving an honorable two year mission there for our church. We stopped on the way at a store to get balloons, markers and poster board for the big welcome. Carlie and Trevor (and baby Ellena) had gone ahead in their car. As we were pulling into the airport parking lot, Carlie called to say that Scott was already at the baggage carousel with Trevor. His flight had arrived early! We hurried in and there he was. There were kisses and hugs all around. As with all missionary families, we had spoken to him by phone only twice a year, received weekly emails and seen snapshots for the duration of his service (two years) but had had no face-to-face visits.
One of Scott's companions from the mission field, Robert Caranza, who is from nearby Marana, Arizona and had returned some time before was also there with another friend. Scott had already told us that the first thing he wanted to do was to have lunch at In-and-Out Burger so away we went.
That evening at 6, Scott had an appointment with the Stake Presidency to be officially released (meaning that his tenure as a missionary with all the attendant rules and responsibilities had officially ended). He received some counsel and a blessing from President Ric Nielsen. He went home to change into some "civilian" clothes and we all went out to dinner at Midtown Molina's, an old and popular Mexican restaurant.
Now, he is home and settled in to his new room. Wendy took off for the Sundance Film Festival and then home to Seattle and it was fun having her visit. I think it was also fun for Scott to have her here during the day to do stuff with. He is closing in on a job and plans to take some Pima Community College on-line courses. He reported his mission in our ward's sacrament meeting on January 20th. He gave a fine talk and we were so happy that several of our dearest friends and family members were able to be here. We are proud of him and are so pleased to have him among us again.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wendy's Last Night in Town

Daughter #3 Wendy, resident of Seattle has been home with us in Tucson since January 6th. She came for the occasion of our son Scott's return from his mission. She has kept us entertained and Scott occupied these last weeks. So tomorrow she heads back to Seattle by way of the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. She and Scott have been renting a couple of movies per night (Scott needs to catch up after his two year movie dearth) and tonight she asked him to go to the video store and get two more. Scott said no, partly because the store was to close in 10 minutes and also because he had TIVO'd Mel Gibson's "When We Were Soldiers" and they could watch that. Wendy protested and asked, "Is that a Viet Nam movie? I don't like those movies; everybody is so...sweaty."

Friday, January 4, 2008

Marray Kreemmay!

We had a great family Christmas, although small in number. It was nice to have present opening at about 10-ish, so we could all look our best... maybe. Here is Grandma opening 1 of 2 presents that she didn't hand pick herself (the rest she already knew!). Dad calls me his "shopping service"... Mom tells me what she wants, I go buy it and wrap it, and Dad gives me the money. I think it's a great system. I am quite skilled at spending other people's money.
Here is Papa opening just what he wanted.... Graham Crackers. To his surprise, the cookies had been removed and replaced with Hairspray. The movie, not the beauty essential.
Rach is uber excited about her hoodie that she had to wait forever for. Seriously, 3 weeks is an eternity in teen-years.
Ellena loved her books. I sometimes have to hide a few so she doesn't ask for the same book all day long.
Yay for water toys!

We loved being able to talk to Elder Scotty too, and can't wait for him to get home!