Sunday, December 21, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Sunbeams

Pat and I were recently called to teach the "Sunbeam" class (age four) at church. Today during "sharing time" one of our Primary leaders was teaching a short lesson to the whole group about the Nativity. She had placed an empty stable on the table and the scene figurines in a basket. The idea was to invite a child up one at a time and have him choose a figurine, identify it and place it in the stable. When our Nephi Butt (yes, that is his name) came up, he chose a female figure with wings. When he was asked who it was he looked at it, thought for a moment and announced, "It's a mom!" Do you hear that all you mothers out there?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Nice Christmas-themed experience

Today I stopped at Walgreen's to buy some batteries for my guitar tuner. They are button-type and I had bought and returned two packages previously that had apparently expired because they did not work. So to be sure, I brought the tuner in and moved away from the cash register to a waist-high display of boxes and put the batteries in. They worked! I should also mention that I had also gotten $20 (in two 10s)as my change. I had plunked all my stuff down when I began to work with the tuner. Then an old friend and colleague from Santa Rita High School came in the store and we visited for a while. So with that distraction and me excited that the batteries were good, I gathered up my stuff and went to the car leaving the two ten dollar bills on the box.

When I got home and did not find the money, I was pretty sure what had happened. So I got ready for work and stopped at the store. The manager said that, yes a customer had found the bills and turned them in. The customer asked that if no one claimed the money, would the manager put it in the Salvation Army kettle at the front door. I was so impressed at the anonymous person's honesty that I asked for a five and five ones and placed a dollar in the kettle myself as I left. I guess I wanted to keep the karma cycle going!